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Sleep and Consciousness Research Graph
First night using the FIELD mouse (and that pun will probably never get old). I had my mouse duct taped to my hand, and I messed around with it for like an hour and a half trying to get it comfortable. Finally I did, and I ended falling asleep around 2:30, forgetting to actually hold down the button.

However upon waking I discovered that I held down the button 3 times for a very long time. Once from 3:04am to 3:45am, after that there was some small movement and then another click just long enough to trigger it again. Next one was from 5:53am to 6:34 (featured), another flurry of movement. And the last one was from 7:09 to 7:25, just before I woke up, the movement was delayed by 30+ seconds this time.

If any of those were from me dreaming, I didn’t experience/remember any of them. It’s quite likely that I was just laying on my hand or something. I also woke with my headset unplugged so the delay in movement on the third “dream” could have been from that. Though just a note, if these were dreams, it would mean that the songs were triggered just after they ended, so it might be a good idea to have a version where the song is triggered after oh 10-20 minutes of holding down the mouse.

I woke up feeling very refreshed for only having had 5 hours of sleep, so I’ll definitely be doing this again, hoping for better results though.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).

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2012-01-25 – FIELD 15

Lucid Scribe Data
Day 15. I had a vivid non-lucid dream, a lot of dream characters resembled people I knew in waking life.

It was so real, but I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming, started to have feelings passed into the dreams.

I think I’ll just record days I do the FIELD instead of adding days I don’t since I haven’t had the chance to practice the FIELD before Jan. 25th because I was getting adjusted to my college schedule.

And I also would wake up with only 30 minutes to get to my first class of the day, so it was just too stressful for me at the time.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).

2012-01-17 – FIELD Day 14

Lucid Scribe Data
Since I wanted to be sure to wake up early for my classes, I finally had my other alarm clock other than the online timer on to wake me up at a certain time.

When I didn’t hear it, actually, I ignored it at first, and then wondered if I was dreaming. I realized there was a small blackout that made the alarm clock reset and blink constantly.

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2012-01-16 – FIELD DAY 13

Lucid Scribe Data
Eh, I barely remembered some of the dreams I had early morning. I took another nap late in the afternoon (because I can actually wake up late since I only have two classes, and one starts at noon).

I’m going to have to sleep earlier later in the week because I have a Biology Lab on Wednesday at around 8 AM, so I won’t be doing this kind of sporadic sleeping for long.

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2012-01-15 – FIELD Day 12

Lucid Scribe Data
I finally had a lucid dream near the end of the dream (probably;I most likely just let go of the mouse to go into a non-lucid state).

I woke up with the mouse on the top corner of my bed, so I probably moved it while I held on to clicking it.

It was an afternoon nap by the way (around 4PM and woke up around 6:40 PM)

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).

2012-01-14 – FIELD Day 11

Falling Asleep Holding Mouse
I took an afternoon nap since I wouldn’t have had time early morning.

It was around 2:12PM I slept and I woke up at around 4:30 PM.

My dreams are starting out like a video game simulation (sometimes, and I still believe it’s due to holding the mouse and my mind associating that with games), I think might use that as my cue to know I’m dreaming, and holding the mouse wasn’t so bad, guess I’m getting used to it now.

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2012-01-13 – Field Day 10

Lucid Scribe Data
I didn’t recall any dreams when using the program. I think I’m going to wake up after 2-3 hours of sleep, because I think my body is used to just getting 6 hours instead (and I usually have trouble sleeping back unless I know have extra time on my hands).

I might have to do this for college because I wouldn’t want to oversleep and miss my classes.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).

2012-01-12 – Day 8 and 9 FIELD

Mouse Sleep Alarm
For Day 8, I completely forgot to do it because I woke up pretty early and felt like going back to sleep. I was just too sleepy to even gather enough effort.

Day 9, I did two WBTB with the FIELD, recalled 4 dreams overall from those two attempts.

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2012-01-10 – FIELD Day 7

Mouse Sleep Alarm
Things went smoothly this time. No distractions. Recalled 4 dreams after I recalled 2 dreams before taping the mouse again and did a WBTB. (I found that taping the little sensor on the bottom prevents the mouse from moving, so I don’t have to worry about right clicking anymore).

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).

2012-01-09 – FIELD Day 6

Mouse Sleep Alarm
I was probably going to have a WILD thanks to this method, but someone woke me up to say that there’s a tornado warning. And the tornado didn’t even affect where I lived.

So they basically stole over one hour worth of me remaining still, and I was so relaxed. It seems I’m solving problems more than solving the technique’s process itself.

I feel like giving up, but if I do that, I’ll get nowhere, but honestly, if people wake me up often, I swear I’m going to strangle someone.



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