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2022-04-29 – Dreaming Detected

The volume was too low for the audio to be heard, but rapid eye movements were detected twice.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (691 MB).

Our dog woke me up from a dream at 03:30 while barking at something in the trees. I was only able to get back to sleep 2 hours later after a shower. But totally worthwhile as I had a marathon dream session with over a dozen notifications. Most of them went unnoticed as the volume was very low, but in the minute above the effect can clearly be seen. I was able to remain still and re-enter the dream with full lucidity and control.

I was able to sleep in and catch another session a bit later when the sun was already up.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (663 MB).

2022-03-10 – Consistencekey

The algorithm detected the eye movements from the same dream three times in a row in as many minutes at 6 AM. The same time as yesterday. The first two audio tracks did not have an effect, but I recognized the third one right away.

I was trying to dodge COD zombies as I had run out of ammo, and was aware that it was a dream or VR the whole time, but had very little control and my movements were very laggy. I attempted to re-enter after the audio track woke me up, but was too stressed from trying to escape the horde and gave up after 15 minutes.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (291 MB).

2022-03-09 – Zoom

Inspired by the optic and software zoom on Sebastiii’s security camera, I doubled the resolution on the inspec camera and saw immediate improvement when monitoring via Lucid Scribe. It might need some further optimizations for the standalone version that runs on the firmware to keep up, but if it drops a few frames here and there it should still catch enough eye movements.



The algorithm detected rapid eye movements three times in a row at around 6 am, with no false positives during the night.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (386 MB).

Hi ๐Ÿ™‚
A quick Lucid Dreaming OBE style, I woke up from my bed and flying over the stair.
And at the bottom, I was in my house when I was young and that’s all.



I wasn’t able to continue the LD after that.
Quick but cool ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (4 MB).

2022-02-24 – INSPEC Video Feed

Lucid Scribe can now tap into the video feed from the INSPEC camera if it is plugged in via USB, which will allow for parallel tests against the algorithm on the device’s firmware. Recorded 3 positives and 0 false positives with audio on mute for testing.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (108 MB).

2022-02-17 – Head tilt

REM at 0317

As you can see, most often in my dream, I have head tilt, it doesn’t awake make and my dream is running.


I think that my body is not fully paralyzed, I didn’t do big movement like fighting but I can move easily, I know that when I’m doing that in Lucid Dream, it can wake me up in a second while it won’t wake me up in a normal dream.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (2 MB).


After 1h from WBTB (at 6h), I’m starting to dream at 7h and getting lucidity at 7h15 around vibration notification even If I don’t remember listenning it.I was going under water in swimming pool and had brain storming about how it was great to breathe under water while I was in bed ๐Ÿ™‚  

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (2 MB).


After a full night, I was going to toilet at 7h and back to my bed to relax.
Like as usual, after 1h, I’m starting to going to have my REM and starting to dream.After around 10 minutes of dream, I’m taking lucidity because of HH sound (music and talk) with different part in each ear, this is rare but really like when it happens. 

So I know that I’m in bed and start to do some phantom movement and try to get out the bed, but my wife started to move to wake up and this is the end.

Good experience ๐Ÿ™‚

Notification were present, but I didn’t remember listening to it.
I have set a delay between “Trigger delay” of 1 minute.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (501 KB).

Sleep and Consciousness Research Graph
I have been able to do a big LD this night, I’m more than happy ๐Ÿ™‚
So, the LD start around 6h30 (DILD) but I’ve getting notification that elevate somehow my mind. 

I have done a big WBTB because I’m starting to thinking etc.
So all combined make me doing an LD

After the LD, I use my phone as recorder but finally I going out from bed ๐Ÿ™‚

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (10 KB).