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Lucid signal at 06:20
Morse code from Lucid Dream at 06:21
Here we go my first letter from Morse done in LD.
The method to apply it, is to trigger movement of the eye to be seen on EEG.

So here we have the letter F for movement (LLRL) this make EEG signal an arrow down for left and arrow up for the right movement.

This need practice, first to know Morse in real life and to apply after in dream.

Youhouuuuuuu ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Our dog woke me up from a dream at 03:30 while barking at something in the trees. I was only able to get back to sleep 2 hours later after a shower. But totally worthwhile as I had a marathon dream session with over a dozen notifications. Most of them went unnoticed as the volume was very low, but in the minute above the effect can clearly be seen. I was able to remain still and re-enter the dream with full lucidity and control.

I was able to sleep in and catch another session a bit later when the sun was already up.

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Hi ๐Ÿ™‚
A quick Lucid Dreaming OBE style, I woke up from my bed and flying over the stair.
And at the bottom, I was in my house when I was young and that’s all.



I wasn’t able to continue the LD after that.
Quick but cool ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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After 1h from WBTB (at 6h), I’m starting to dream at 7h and getting lucidity at 7h15 around vibration notification even If I don’t remember listenning it.I was going under water in swimming pool and had brain storming about how it was great to breathe under water while I was in bed ๐Ÿ™‚  

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Sleep and Consciousness Research Graph
I have been able to do a big LD this night, I’m more than happy ๐Ÿ™‚
So, the LD start around 6h30 (DILD) but I’ve getting notification that elevate somehow my mind. 

I have done a big WBTB because I’m starting to thinking etc.
So all combined make me doing an LD

After the LD, I use my phone as recorder but finally I going out from bed ๐Ÿ™‚

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2022-01-26 – LD

Sleep and Consciousness Research Graph
10 minutes ago, I have a notification (vibration) and I’m not sure I have listen it or I didn’t remember and getting a DILD for 1 minute.But often with me, LD is very short. 

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Audio Tracks During REM Sleep
Four tracks played within six minutes: two of the tracks can be seen in the featured minute and I distinctly remember when the second one played. The rush from knowing that the world around me was a dream can clearly be seen in the seconds that followed. I tried to control my eye movements for the first time, but the effect I was hoping for did not make it across. 

Another track played in the morning and woke me up during REM sleep, feeling very refreshed.

Preparation: chewed a few calea leaves.

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2012-01-25 – FIELD 15

Lucid Scribe Data
Day 15. I had a vivid non-lucid dream, a lot of dream characters resembled people I knew in waking life. 

It was so real, but I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming, started to have feelings passed into the dreams.

I think I’ll just record days I do the FIELD instead of adding days I don’t since I haven’t had the chance to practice the FIELD before Jan. 25th because I was getting adjusted to my college schedule.

And I also would wake up with only 30 minutes to get to my first class of the day, so it was just too stressful for me at the time.

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2012-01-13 – Field Day 10

Lucid Scribe Data
I didn’t recall any dreams when using the program. I think I’m going to wake up after 2-3 hours of sleep, because I think my body is used to just getting 6 hours instead (and I usually have trouble sleeping back unless I know have extra time on my hands). 

I might have to do this for college because I wouldn’t want to oversleep and miss my classes.

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2012-01-12 – Day 8 and 9 FIELD

Mouse Sleep Alarm
For Day 8, I completely forgot to do it because I woke up pretty early and felt like going back to sleep. I was just too sleepy to even gather enough effort. 

Day 9, I did two WBTB with the FIELD, recalled 4 dreams overall from those two attempts.