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Lucid signal at 06:20
Morse code from Lucid Dream at 06:21
Here we go my first letter from Morse done in LD.
The method to apply it, is to trigger movement of the eye to be seen on EEG.

So here we have the letter F for movement (LLRL) this make EEG signal an arrow down for left and arrow up for the right movement.

This need practice, first to know Morse in real life and to apply after in dream.

Youhouuuuuuu 😉

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (5 MB) or as EDF with hypnogram (15 MB).

Our dog woke me up from a dream at 03:30 while barking at something in the trees. I was only able to get back to sleep 2 hours later after a shower. But totally worthwhile as I had a marathon dream session with over a dozen notifications. Most of them went unnoticed as the volume was very low, but in the minute above the effect can clearly be seen. I was able to remain still and re-enter the dream with full lucidity and control.

I was able to sleep in and catch another session a bit later when the sun was already up.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (663 MB).

2022-03-10 – Consistencekey

The algorithm detected the eye movements from the same dream three times in a row in as many minutes at 6 AM. The same time as yesterday. The first two audio tracks did not have an effect, but I recognized the third one right away.

I was trying to dodge COD zombies as I had run out of ammo, and was aware that it was a dream or VR the whole time, but had very little control and my movements were very laggy. I attempted to re-enter after the audio track woke me up, but was too stressed from trying to escape the horde and gave up after 15 minutes.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (291 MB).

2022-02-24 – INSPEC Video Feed

Lucid Scribe can now tap into the video feed from the INSPEC camera if it is plugged in via USB, which will allow for parallel tests against the algorithm on the device’s firmware. Recorded 3 positives and 0 false positives with audio on mute for testing.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (108 MB).

I added a new channel that shows when the vREM channel is disabled because large movements have been detected. The minimum and maximum values that define eye movements are now also configurable.

Captured a good REM session starting at 0545.

And here the Toss threshold was reached from eye brow movements during a dream. An extra configuration for the amount of movements above the toss threshold within a timeframe could fix that. 

I used the following settings and had only one false positive while settling down to sleep:

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (605 MB).

The audio track woke me up after just a few seconds. My eyes can be seen opening in the real world after looking around in the dreamworld in the minute featured above. I have since started a shortlist of tracks that play only a few melodies for a couple of seconds that we have been having more luck with: Shortlist.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (103 MB).

I rolled into position at 0320 and was dreaming for the better part of the hour. The audio triggered at 0333, again at 0334 and I dreamt through the tracks without waking. I recalled 3 dreams.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (127 MB).

Rapid Eye Movements During Dream

The REM-detection algorithm is now ready to be burnt to the standalone version of the sleep lab and can be seen climbing the planes in the minute above.

I could hear Bob’s voice, but had the most annoying itch on my chin that caused major instabilities in NPR. I tried to hang on for dear life, but the itch was so overpowering that I could not hold still for long. When the eye movements subsided a few minutes later, the twitch grew so strong that it almost triggered the next track.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) (95 MB).

Sleep and Consciousness Research Graph

I caught another today… the pillow can be seen in the minute above and doesn’t affect the algorithm anymore.   

I have had a few inquires about using the setup without the headband and this shows that it could work if you can sleep close enough to the night-table or have the camera mounted above the bed somehow. I will try to record a session like that one night…

Sleep and Consciousness Research Graph

I now have an infrared LED shining down on me from a cupboard… and the recordings have been out of this world! Gone are the dark ages with just a few squiggly lines of questionable EEG signal quality.

The latest version of the Halovision plugin records an image-stream of any movements and Lucid Scribe automatically replays them when reviewing a session. This helped a lot with writing filters for the artefacts, like when the camera re-focuses.

The eye movements that triggered the audio track can be seen in the minute above. I was re-taming a hippo that I had saved as a baby in another life!

Here is the finalised release candidate of the Halograph EOG – a headband with a night-vision camera held in place by two bendable selfie-sticks:

It is more comfortable to sleep in than I had ever hoped. I can sleep on either side or on my back with complete freedom of movement with the 2 meter cable.

The age of light is nigh; this is light-bending!