• Halograph EOG
    Manufacturer: lucidcode
    The halograph EOG is a headband with a five megapixel NoIR camera that detects eye movements behind closed lids. Non-invasive. Like having your own personal sleep lab technician watch you sleep and spin audio tracks at the blink of an eye.
  • Halograph FM
    Manufacturer: lucidcode
    Resolution: 3660µg
    Measurement Range: ±5g (49 m/s²)
    The halograph FM is a headband with a motion detector that is sensitive enough to pick up the heartbeat. It plays the audio track after it counts 8 blinks.
  • Mouse FIELD
    Developer: lucidcode
    The mouse plugin monitors the mouse activity and plays an audio track when the mouse button is released. The idea is to catch yourself when you fall asleep – in a dream, but awake.
  • Pranayama
    Developer: lucidcode
    The pranayama plugin outlines breathing patterns that can be followed with no need for any hardware. The line shows the level at which the lungs are filled and how long the breath is retained. The idea is to measure the effects of breath-control patterns on various physiological functions.
  • Chronos EZ430
    Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
    The eZ430-Chronos is a sports watch with a 3-axis accelerometer connected with a USB-based wireless interface to a PC. The audio track plays one minute after 15 minutes of stillness.

You can ask here for a plugin to be written for your hardware. Alternatively, use these instructions to develop your own.