Category: DJ Tiesto – Adagio For Strings

The audio track woke me up after just a few seconds. My eyes can be seen opening in the real world after looking around in the dreamworld in the minute featured above. I have since started a shortlist of tracks that play only a few melodies for a couple of seconds that we have been having more luck with: Shortlist.

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REM Sleep Interrupted
The track woke me up and ended the dream that it detected rather abruptly as can be seen after the eight blinks above. I did, however, manage to remain completely still and awake for the next 10 minutes until the hallucinations started again. 

Although I was focusing on the end of the dream and thinking through all the things that I would have done differently with more awareness, I simply started seeing the room I was in through closed eyes. There were things that I knew could not be there and I was able to get up ever so slowly and set out on an epic adventure.

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