REM Rebound Chart
There was too much to code at the end of the night again and I logged off very late. For the third time in a row. On top of that, the first two triggers woke me up immediately – right out of the start of the dreams. It was just as though random thoughts were being blown out of proportion. 

In the minute selected above you will see 13 spikes, roughly every three seconds. These are the blinks or rapid eye movements. The smaller blue spikes in between them are the heartbeat, but it is not very clear in this recording. The orange line (fREM) is when the program played the audio track.

The final REM cycle started with abnormally long / powerful blinks, which luckily slipped past the algorithm. And I had the longest dream on record; 15 minutes of non-stop rapid eye moving action. The anthem triggered at a perfect part in the dream, raining music from the heavens and a few minutes of solid lucidity at the end.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV) or watch the video.