Falling Asleep Holding Mouse
I took an afternoon nap since I wouldn’t have had time early morning.

It was around 2:12PM I slept and I woke up at around 4:30 PM.

My dreams are starting out like a video game simulation (sometimes, and I still believe it’s due to holding the mouse and my mind associating that with games), I think might use that as my cue to know I’m dreaming, and holding the mouse wasn’t so bad, guess I’m getting used to it now.

Spring classes start Tuesday at my University, so hopefully I can squeeze in some test runs (should be able to since I have days where I can wake up pretty late in the morning).

Don’t worry about the data for 6:00 PM, I just forgot to close the LucidScribe program when I went to eat. =P

Recall is getting better now, it’s a bit sporadic, but it’s working, and I know I’ll get used to realizing that when I let go of the mouse, I’ll be entering the dream state.

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