OpenEEG Project - REM Sleep
A decade after I was able to afford my first printed circuit board from Olimex and started dabbling in the OpenEEG project, I finally managed to build a device with which I can comfortably record my brainwaves during sleep. 

It took forever to fall asleep because I was just too excited. I woke up at 0534 from a dream and noted the time. The printout of the minute I selected is from 0515 and shows some very distinct patterns that are similar to when I move my eyes around while conscious. I will use that as a base to write the REM-detection algorithm that will trigger the audio tracks.

I embedded the four active electrodes inside a headband and taped the passive electrode to my earlobe with some duct tape. I still need to meditate on a more convenient way to attach the passive electrode.

It can be worn with the sensors on the forehead by the Frontal Lobe to trigger on the spikes in electrical activity caused by eye movements or at the back to monitor the brainwaves by the Occipital Lobe where visual perception is processed. Check it:
Halograph EEG

Anyone with a device compatible with the OpenEEG project can now upload to the Lucid Scribe Database project by right-clicking on a log in Lucid Scribe and selecting Export to -> LSDBase. The source code for the OpenEEG plugin is available on GitHub.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).