Mouse Sleep Detection
Day 2 of attempting the FIELD method. I slept pretty late last night (aroudn 2:30 ish AM), but I still aimed to get 4-5 hours of sleep though. I wasn’t using the Lucid Scribe program as yet, it took a while for me to type up my Dream Journal Entry because I recalled a decent amount of dreams. 

I prepared to set up the mouse plugin at around 9:35 AM, along with my Blackberry Curve taped on my right wrist too. But then I got annoyed by the constant vibrating sound my Blackberry Curve made when I used the vibration app. So I quickly turned it off and still held on to the mouse and went to sleep quicker.

I recall one dream practicing the FIELD method, which is pretty good since I stayed up over 90 minutes after waking up after 4-5 hours of prior sleep.

I’ll try to do better next time, and sleep earlier (still trying to savor the last I have of this vacation before I head back to my second semester in college). 😛

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).