Mouse Sleep Detector
I slept around 1:40 AM. Woke up close to 7 AM.

Started to prepare the plugin, things were going okay at first, but after an hour, I started to get impatient with the mouse taped on me, so I quickly bit off the tape to give me a little more freedom holding the mouse.

Then I got really annoyed partly because I was too eager to see myself entering the dream.

Eventually I threw the mouse in rage 😛

But I did hold on to it for an hour or a little more. So I probably had the dreams after 9-10 AM. I woke up around 11 something AM. What’s funny is that I recalled more dreams in that period than the prior sleep I had before using the mouse plugin.

And I recalled a lot of events in those dreams. Almost became lucid in one dream, I did a NOSE reality check and could breathe, but I still had doubt on whether or not I was dreaming.

I kept breathing in and out while my nose is plugged, but things went back to non-lucid. Hopefully I’ll get better at being patient. Only 27 more days to go! 😛

And don’t mind the data from 11-12, it’s just me waking me up and typing up my dreams.

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD) or Comma Separated Values (CSV).