Mouse Sleep Dreaming
This day was completely horrible. I woke up with maybe 3-4 hours sleep without using the program, recalled some dreams. 

Tried to WBTB with the FIELD method, nothing, I couldn’t even sleep. There is some data missing because around the 5 AM-ish mark, it only gets recorded until 6 AM. The other 30 minutes of holding the mouse after I catch back from drifting (didn’t feel myself in the dream state) is not obtained because I accidently right clicked outside the Lucid Scribe program.

I should’ve maxamized it to prevent that. The good thing out of this day, I held it for at least 60-90 minutes.

I decided that I would take a nap (think it started around 2:00 PM) since I thought I would get a REM rebound due to the horrible amount of sleep from before.

No dreams recalled, just nothing but crap. Sigh…

I’m taping my hand back to the mouse again even if it irritates my fingers a little (I can get used to the small pain) at least that made decent results. I know I have the part holding it down long enough to hopefully see a dream state, it’s just… whatever. No use complaining now.

Hopefully things will be better for tonight’s run. My ego is a little hurt, but whatever.

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