Lucid Scribe Data
Eh, I barely remembered some of the dreams I had early morning. I took another nap late in the afternoon (because I can actually wake up late since I only have two classes, and one starts at noon). 

I’m going to have to sleep earlier later in the week because I have a Biology Lab on Wednesday at around 8 AM, so I won’t be doing this kind of sporadic sleeping for long.

At least this new schedule will convince me to go back to getting a good night’s rest and taking maybe one hour naps in the afternoon instead of 2-3.

I seriously need to step up my game a notch or two to use lucid dreaming to refine talents I have to the maximum, and hopefully become more competent than the average prodigy in a certain field of interest (like graphite pencil portraits for instance, I’ve been okay doing those, but I hope I can use lucid dreaming to capture realism in a much quicker pace).

I think I might add another month of self-testing just to keep things consistent.

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