Lucid Scribe Data
Since I wanted to be sure to wake up early for my classes, I finally had my other alarm clock other than the online timer on to wake me up at a certain time.

When I didn’t hear it, actually, I ignored it at first, and then wondered if I was dreaming. I realized there was a small blackout that made the alarm clock reset and blink constantly.

It’s a good thing I use the online alarm clock as a back up.

I believe I recalled 6-7 dreams practicing the FIELD because I could barely remember any dreams before then.

Had okay recall in each. I find college is making me more tired, so I’ll use that as an advantage to hopefully go to sleep faster, get NON REM sleep cycles over with, and have better chances at lucidity.

I’m getting used to the mouse clicking and everything, with the few occasional rage quits of just putting the mouse somewhere else away. I did hear the anthem play after 10 minutes near the onset of sleep actually, but I guess I’m still a bit new to getting used to it.

I don’t think it’s the sounds or anything not working, it’s just my mindset. Oh well, trial and error, I’ll find a way.

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