The Zeo triggered 2mA at 40Hz via USB relay half an hour after I went back to bed during WBTB, even though I was still awake. The effect is immediately noticeable as the EEG picks up the extra current:

I had it set low enough so that nothing twitched, but I could feel a pressure which became uncomfortable after a few minutes. It was programmed to run for 15 minutes, which was a little too long. The Zeo recorded the noise for 5 minutes, then went on strike and flat-lined for 10 minutes until the EV-806A beeped and I turned it off manually. The Zeo then recovered and recorded normally again. I will update the USB relay plug-out to turn off after a minute or two for the next run and turn down the amps a few notches.

I unplugged a little while later and went on to have some exceptionally vivid dreams…

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD), Comma Separated Values (CSV), European Data Format (EDF).