I lowered the dose to 1mA or just under and the effect is still noticeable as the EEG picks up the extra current, but much more subtle than before:

It first triggered at 0220 (pictured above), and even though I had updated the USB relay plug-out for the tACS to turn off after 1 minute and rigorously tested it while awake, the Zeo plugin kept re-triggering it after a minute, keeping it on perpetually. After 8 minutes, it must have tried to re-trigger just before the minute was up and gave me a break for a minute. Then it administered another 8-minute-long dose and during the break at 0238, the signature of a lucid dream appeared – going from REM to awake and back to REM, although I have no memory of it:

After that, the USB relay was stuck in the on state for 15 minutes until the EV-806A beeped and I woke up at around 0257 with a headache to turn it off manually. I then disabled the tACS plug-out and went back to sleep without any noteworthy aftereffects.

I also cut the tACS electrodes down to size, as they were taking up too much real-estate on my forehead. The two stick-on electrodes in the corner show the original size. And the electrodes in the halograph show the placement. The middle / ground electrode was positioned in the center of my forehead just below my hairline. The two tACS electrodes slightly lower and to the sides of it. And then the other two EEG electrodes just above my eyebrows:

Download entry as Lucid Scribe Data (LSD), Comma Separated Values (CSV), European Data Format (EDF).